John Alvarez

 Board Member

“By the grace of God, I have never been homeless, gone to bed hungry, or afraid of what tomorrow's worldly needs may bring. I have been blessed with opportunities where an attitude of hope and continuing to try has provided circumstances where my needs have been met.  I do not believe anyone has a desire to be homeless, hungry, or to become a victim of circumstances beyond their ability to control. My experiences with people indicate to me that most people simply want an opportunity to be victorious, not a victim. This exemplifies what our goal and motto is for Project Hope: A hand up, not a hand out.”                            

Jason Halstead

Board Member

Jeff Baker


Tim Kray

Board Member

Becky Linn

​B​oard Member

The Board of Directors "Responding to Christ's Call Shepherding Homeless Families to Self-Sufficiency"


Michael Bianculli


Patti Lumpkin

Founding Board Member

President Emeritus

Honorable Tommy Thompson

Board Member

John Alvarez

Founding Board Member

Holly Lanker

Vice President

Lisa Sheilly

Board Member

Susie Crabb

Board Member

Ralph Archibald

Board Member

Project Hope of Marion County, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of a diverse group of community leaders and advocates, focusing on enhancing Project Hope's ability to "Helping Homeless Families Find Hope" in our community, and to assure that Project Hope fulfills its mission and meets its goals. The Board guides our organization on important policy decisions, reviews and approves programs, services, budgets, and property assets, and assures financial stability and accountability. The following individuals have graciously committed their time to Project Hope by serving on our current board.   

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...…"Responding to Christ's call shepherding homeless families to self-sufficiency"

Project Hope of Marion County, Inc.

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Ocala, FL 34460

PH 352-624-HOPE (4673)