......whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.    Matthew 25:40

Would you like to learn more about Project Hope and learn about ways you can join the Hope team?  Please call or email today.

Project Hope of Marion County, Inc.

830 NE 28th Street, Unit 201

Ocala, FL 34460

PH 352-624-HOPE (4673)

   The reality on any given day on the average in our community is over 4000 people are homeless. For every homeless person we see, there are 3-4 more that we don't see - living in tents, living in cars and living on the streets. Over 1700+ students in Marion County are homeless. From these numbers we can tell you that there are about 100 single parent families in our community in need of long term transitional housing on a daily basis. Project Hope is working to fill that need one family at a time. 

 Project Hope has a proven program of providing Hope and Opportunity to homeless families with children in our community.

If you would like more information regarding "Making Room for Hope"  capital campaign, or to tour our facilities, please contact our director of development.

Introducing Project Hope's capital campaign

"Making Room for Hope"


   We've come a long way since the idea of Project Hope was just a dream. We now have a 40 unit apartment complex with a million dollar mortgage. Currently we have to rely on income from 29 apartments to pay the mortgage and operating expenses. Our goal is to pay off the mortgage and reach our goal of 100% occupancy with homeless families. Project Hope is making a significant difference by not only providing a safe environment for the children, but by offering an opportunity for the parent(s), who might need a high school diploma or skilled training such as Certified Nursing Assistant so they can provide for their family and move into permanent housing.

   I spent 35 years in law enforcement, retiring in 2010, and during that time I saw the effects of homelessness on children; remembering the fact that children learn what they live. The causes of homelessness range from domestic violence, substance abuse, and sometimes coming from a dysfunctional environment. To be able to work with a non profit organization such as Project Hope, allows me to stay active in the community and to help those who want to help themselves.

   We need you. You can become involved and help with your financial pledge or commitment. Building name opportunities are available. Ask us how.

Patti Lumpkin



    The need in the community has been identified and Project Hope is addressing the need. Our "Making Room For Hope" capital campaign, to raise funds to pay off a $1million mortgage, would assure that Project Hope fulfills its mission to expand the transitional housing program from currently housing 11 families to a maximum of 40 families. Every dollar given to "Making Room For Hope" will be committed to the mortgage. No capital campaign funds will be spent on administration, staff or operational expenses.

    Your financial support is appreciated, no matter the size. You can make a one-time donation, or schedule a recurring weekly, monthly or annual donation. Donations will be accepted from individuals, churches, service organizations, businesses, or corporations.

    Project Hope focuses on the community need, not on Project Hope's need. A donation to Project Hope is really a donation through Project Hope to the community - with a value-based return to OUR community.

    If you wish to donate to the capital campaign, please visit our donate page to pay electronically, or send a check to our address. Pease notate your contribution to "Making Room For Hope".

Project Hope's capital campaign will raise funds to pay off our mortgage and will enable us to provide additional transitional housing to more homeless families with children.