......whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.    Matthew 25:40

Would you like to learn more about Project Hope and learn about ways you can join the Hope team?  Please call or email today.

Project Hope of Marion County, Inc.

830 NE 28th Street, Unit 201

Ocala, FL 34460

PH 352-624-HOPE (4673)

    Project Hope works closely with many social service agencies in our community. If one of the agencies has a family that meets Project Hope's eligibility, they will contact our case manager with an official referral. The case manager conducts an interview with the applicant family. This is when eligibility for the program is determined. Through this process their strengths, weaknesses and area of needs are identified - how many times they have been homeless and the reason for their situation, their education level and employment skills, if childcare is needed for their children, or if they came from an abusive relationship or substance abuse. A full explanation of Project Hope's rules and regulations is done by the case manager.

   Once the case manager determines the applicant's eligibility and a complete background check is completed, the case manager makes a recommendation to the applicant interview committee. This committee is made up of professional, business, community and church leaders of our community. The committee interviews the applicant and the case manager presents their recommendation. The committee evaluates the information presented to them and makes the final decision as to whether the applicant is to enter Project Hope's program.

   After the applicant has been accepted into the program the adult applicant is given a complete drug screening test. Then the applicant signs Project Hope's program agreement. It is at this point they become a Project Hope participant.

   The case manager and participant develop a plan, tailored to their specific needs, utilizing all the available services which Project Hope and our community offers, to empower the participant to become self-sufficient, and to reclaim their lives in our community. 



     The program includes:

                      * Personal Development     * Educational and Vocational Training   * Financial Training which includes Budgeting

                                 * Substance Abuse Counseling   * Interpersonal Skills Building   * Effective Parenting Classes

                                                          *  Independent Living Skills   * Community Involvement


Project Hope Graduate

“After  many long days and nights I was finally ready to come out of hiding and start my journey to self-sufficiency, so December 2013 I moved into Project Hope and my life changed. I have learned so many tools such as how to set goals, how to be a better parent , how to budget my finances and the list goes on. Thank you Project Hope! "

    A comprehensive individual program is created for each Project Hope participant and family.