• Host a Project Hope representative to speak to a group that you are involved with, or at one of your future service club meetings.                                                                  


  • Volunteer to answer phones at the Project Hope office.          

  • Volunteer to work at a Project Hope fundraiser.


  • Offer your expertise to teach a class to the Project Hope participants, or to help the Project Hope administration.

  • Spearhead a social media fundraising effort.

  • Think of your contacts and rally support for things like automobiles, auto repair, food, or childcare.                                                                      
  • Use social media sites like Twitter or Instagram to share the Project Hope mission with others.                                                                          
  • Have your own "Party for Hope" by rallying your friends and raising funds for Project Hope. We can even come to share how we help women and their children.                                                                                                                         
  • Use your talent or skills to give Project Hope women and their children a "hand up". 

Volunteers are always appreciated.  Below are a few ideas on how you could volunteer at Project Hope, or for Project Hope in support of our mission.     Call to find out if there are any current specific volunteer needs or how you can help.  

Project Hope of Marion County, Inc.

830 NE 28th Street, Unit 201

Ocala, FL 34460

PH 352-624-HOPE (4673)


Would you like to learn more about Project Hope and learn about ways you can join the Hope team?  Please call or email today.

  “When that young child looks you in the eye with that all too familiar look of desperation and more importantly, with hope, I am compelled by my faith and by my ability, to help to reach out in love to the family. The cycle of poverty and homelessness can be broken. Families can start over. It is not easy, and a number of families can’t, or won’t try. But for those who are willing to work hard, the program and the transitional housing at Project Hope is a God-send. To see that same child six months later with a forever grin and a mom filled with confidence, hope, life skills and a future, is why I am honored to be a member of the Project Hope board of directors. Because of the generosity of our community, we can make a difference"

  Steve  Hoesterey

      Brother’s Keeper 

...…"Responding to Christ's call shepherding homeless families to self-sufficiency"